We're entering an age where information is being woven into the physical world. It has already started with Augmented Reality which overlays visuals and data on top of whatever you’re viewing. 

Now imagine not just seeing that layer, but influencing and changing it. Imagine it reacting to you. Imagine sharing and experiencing that layer with other people, a layer on the world with an unprecedented level of interactivity.

It provides context and awareness to your environment. It allows you to share your experience with others whether that is fighting dragons in a field, navigating through a crowded marketplace, watching Hobbits run around the hills of New Zealand, or shopping for the perfect pair of shoes. You’re limited only by the expanse of your dreams.

At this point, we leave Augmented Reality behind. It is no longer a gimmick. We no longer wonder where it fits into our lives. The data has become a part of our world. It is practical and useful. It is the future, and it is just around the corner.

This is Integrated Reality.